Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alex's Baptism

Amazing! I can't tell you how excited I was for Alex Carbajal to finally say he will get baptised। I think it seriously may have just made my whole year thus far! It was like an early birthday present! Okay, so seriously I have been helping the Sister Missionaries since almost day one with him, and to see his transformation was truly one of the most beautiful things. I can just imagine it was much like my conversion four years ago. Not only am I am glad he took the plunge but what really makes it great was the feelings it brought back from my baptism and me learning from the Missionaries.

Anyways, I will write more about it later, but right now I am pooped but I wanted to write my first "blog" at least my first for this specific site. I used to blog regularly about 2 years ago on Xanga but just stopped I guess. So I will catch you all later and will edit this blog later also!