Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colorado here I come!

That is right folks. I am going on another little mini vacation and I couldn't be more excited about it. My best friend Helen and her husband were re-stationed at Fr. Carson in Colorado Springs from a previous location of Ft. Irwin in Barstow, CA. I have not seen Helen/Sam in 2 years and I miss them a lot. Helen was the awesome member missionary that showed me by her example what it was like to be a true LDS member. She was amazing, I have considered her as my best friend for the past 6 amazing years. I can't believe how much time has flown and how long it has been since I have seen her. This visit is much needed and I can't wait to leave right after work tomorrow and make the journey to the land of mountains!

I will try to blog about the trip promptly upon my return depending on my schedule!

Much love!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On the road to Louisiana

Saturday morning we woke up and got ready and hit the highway, a nice scenic 3 hour drive in which we crossed the state line from Texas to Louisiana. I must tell you it is GORGEOUS in that neck of the woods and I would live there in a heartbeat...again I take pictures while driving, my mom wasn't to happy I was doing so but she had no control over it!

So this picture is me cheesing hardcore with an ice cream bar, the story goes like this. My best friend Helen and family is from Texas. The first time I went down to her house they made me indulge in Blue Bell ice cream. They informed me it is the "best" ice cream ever and I would never want to eat anything else but it. So well now everytime I go to Texas I get Blue Bell ice cream. And so since my mom had to use the potty we pulled over and they had a thing of blue bell so we indulged ourselves in was AWESOME! I shouldn't have done it do to my bodies revolt against all dairy lately..but it was still YUMMY in my tummy!

So, we made it to our destination, okay so it wasn't our specific destination but you get my drift, it was a tiny sign and I was able to capture it as I drove by at 75 mph ....

The Blue Goose Cantina

This is my sisters favorite hangout, so of course when she found out we were coming to see her on a Friday she automatically assumed we would want to go hang out with her at her favorite hangout!

So I wasn't sure what to expect, she just kept saying The Blue Goose but NEVER told me what it was. In the car we got and we started going through some random Dallas streets then pulled up and she was like there it I stared to think OH GREAT it is a bar and all I am going to see is drunk people. I was fooled, yes it is a bar and yes my sister/mom did get a drink and I was offered more then once but told them no of course....but the food was awesome and I did enjoy my "virgin" daiquiri.

<----There is the daiquiri, it was amazing.

Over there is the meal I ordered, it was a lot of food and was very awesome! ---->

Did I tell you just how often my sister goes? Well it is atleast once a week if not more and EVER waitress/waitor knew her, well okay so not every one b/c the guy who was waiting on us was new and my sister pinned him down and was like I am a regular and I don't know you, you must be new, and he was amazed...oh and the drink she gets, they named it the "laurita" so if you ever want a Dos Eqous at the Blue Goose in Dallas call it the Laurita and you will get it! It was awesome, I loved it thought, such a good atmosphere...


This actually happened the first weekend of April but what can I say? I have a sister that lives in Dallas, and since we (my mom and myself) were going to Louisiana and was going to be 3 hours from her, we decided last minute to go through Dallas and spend the night then head to Louisiana Saturday morning, so this is my journey from our house to Dallas!

So, this is my dash, it is dusty but so goes life. I had an awesome video but it got deleted on accident...anywho I had hit Denton, TX which is about 30-45 mins from Dallas and this was how fast I was driving on the 4 lane highway, it was AWESOME..and well also sad b/c it was 3 in the afternoon so no rush hour should be going on...

So to the right ----> I thought it was funny that almost every corner that was "fancy" had these 3 flags...Texas is very prideful, which is good to an extent....
Where is Waldo? I found him in Dallas, Texas..that is right, he is not a real person, he is a black and white magnet that floats around the world...I know I was shocked too, so shocked I took a picture while stopped a stop I know!

My sister, mom, and myself went to the mall so we can miss rush hour traffic and so forth and this sign is the first thing I saw before entering the mall. I thought it was GREAT and laughed hard, but my sister thought me pulling out my camera was a bit much, she was like you look like a "tourist" which in a way I ha!

AHHHHH! I LOVE skylines, I am a city girl at heart and no one can convince me otherwise. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to the city and driving in the has never bugged me either. So I was taking pictures while driving, my sister happens to live downtown Dallas so I could see a lot of this from the front parking lot of her apartment complex! I again LOVED it!

I was amazed at my sisters apartment complex, it looked like a piece of crap from the outside/parking area but once we actually entered where the doors to the apartments are I was in awe. I wish I had my swim suit b/c the pool was awesome looking, and it had palm trees and it was just awesome. Oh and the inside of her apartment was the bomb digity too, very swanky and high class looking..also a surprise.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

I love my faja (father) and he means the world to me. I have been a daddies girl since day one I am sure! He is my rock in which I can lean on any time if needed. Though he may be getting older he sure doesn't act it and I love him for that. His off beat jokes and his quirky humor can always bring a smile to my face no matter how grumpy I may be. I look like him, I sit like him, and I think I am funny like him. He is a people person when he wants to be and what I love most about him is his Faith and desire to be a good father!