Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Just as I have been doing so well this week going and working out before work and even last night I went again, that made 2 trips to the gym in one day. I am feeling on top of the World and knowing that the weight I need to lose to serve a full time mission for my church is going to melt away soon and plus I am gonna get ripped again! This morning I got up and went to the gym before work and went home to get ready for work by grabbing my laptop to have some tunes to sing to while showering (yes I sing in the shower and quite loudly too!) and well my computer had a boot error. For you non-computer people that means my computer CRASHED and hardcore too, which I don't understand b/c it worked just fine last night at 1030 when i went to bed. I am so frustrated but it is Thanksgiving week so I am going to be thankful that I even have the computer and that it worked this long, but you best be betting that i am going to make a trip to Radio Shack and see if they can get it fixed for me.....or else I am going to be really upset that I am out a laptop and all my awesome pictures/ goes life though!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love apples

I can't even start to explain the craziness that naturally comes from me, and even more so when I go to see Dedra and Ken Cheney. It is ridiculous what things I do, and what ends up on video. So this was a couple of weeks ago but I finally put it on Youtube for my own personal embarrasment!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, I am sitting here at work pondering life and what not and well I have come to the realization that I have a few really odd addictions and I am going to tell you all!

1. Triaminic childrens nose spray. I owe this to my co-worker/friend Tessa who told me about it while I was sick, I couldn't breathe through my nose and I sounded horrible so she told me what helps her kid, and well I went and made the purchase. Well I was using it "as directed" until it was pointed out to me the other day that is says "only use for 3 days" WHOOPS it has been easily a WEEK. MY BAD! I love it, it makes me breathe so well.

2. checking my e-mail. So this one might seem odd to you all, but I am truely addicted, I can't go an hour with out logging in to my hotmail to see if anyone e-mailed me or if some one wrote on my wall on facebook (which I get notified through e-mail) it is HORRIBLE, I try to concentrate at work but the shear knowledge that someone MIGHT of e-mailed me drives me crazy.

3. facebook, blogger and other random websites that are a shear waste of constructive time. I spend way to many hours a day sitting at a computer (10 at work) then add another 1 to 3 while at home during the evening time. And then my days off and weekends are jammed packed full of it computerness. I just can't stand to sit here at work or at home and not check my blogger to see if anyone of my friends blogged or to see if someone beat me up on "Mob wars."

3. Mob wars on Facebook. Ugh so my friend invited me to play and well I have been ADDICTED since I first started. It is ridiculous, I do nothing but click the mouse and make "money" and then I beat people up and rob jewelry stores and do drug heist and all sorts of "hoodlum" acts as my mom calls it. She told me one night when I first started (20) days ago maybe that I was going to turn into some hoodlum and start running around and doing stuff I shouldn't be doing. It was a good little arguement we had but it turned out in a huge laughfest!

4. Gum. I LOVE orbit gum. I almost ALWAYS have a piece in my mouth, and if it is not Orbit I prefer watermelon gum. Ugh I just love all gum ever made, it makes me happy! And it gives me "jaw excercise!" and plus if I get the mint flavored it makes my breath smell good! So what can beat that?

5. Missionaries. I LOVE it and you all know it just as much as I do. I can't stand going one day with out seeing the Sisters or at least talking to them, and when I do go a day without em I seem to lose my mind and I tend to get a bit "bitter" it is ODD but what can I say. I love the work and I love the girls! (in a non-gay sort of way)

Okay that is the start of my list, I am sure I will add more to it later! Now that I just told on myself!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, the other night I was over at Dedra's (big surprise?) and well for some reason she is on a huge "let's write a poem" kick. Needless to say I wasn't to fond of the idea. Dedra however was very fond of it and printed off a bunch of "how too's" on writing different types of poems, from limericks, to Haiku's and all sorts of different types that I can't remember. Well along with the two of us she invited Liz Draper over and we started the poetic process, which went a little like me sitting there trying to do it and Liz and Dedra whipping out Haiku's like crazy. Well finally once they started their next type of poem I got the inspiration for my Haiku. And for your reading pleasure here it is!

the leaves fall slowly
vibrant, brilliant colors glow
bring in winter snow

I am doing this by memory so I hope that comes out right!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cheetos anyone?

Well, we got back today from Stake Conference about 8:45 so we had a little photo shoot in my car after a few phone calls were made and well you will see for yourself the awesomeness of the pictures!


I didn't take many photos, but today (November 9, 2008) was Stake Conference and well I took the Sisters and we drove to Salina and got to see a bunch of awesome members and to see the other Sister Missionaries from the Zone so we took a picture ( see attached) and then we had a picnic afterwards and I took a couple of photos, I didn't take many on my camera but needless to say we had an amazing time and I left feeling loved and uplifted!

Sister Labass (California) Sister Rigby (Idaho) Sister Ayala (Guatemala) Sister Reynolds (Utah/Texas) Sister Pollock (Idaho) Sister Hyrns (Arizona) Sister Maludrik (Marshall Islands) Sister Montana (Mexico/Chicago)

Sister Rigby is Number 1! Whoop for Idaho!

Elvis is in the building!

Well, this past week or so I have spent a lot of time over at the Cheney's home in the replacement of the missionaries. And well to cheer me up and what not we did some pretty nuts things and these awesome photos are just a few of what we actually took! Oh and as for the Elvis mask it was told about in an earlier post, but I got it as a gift and well it has certainly got its use!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

friendly faces

I love transfers most generally speaking. I get to see missionaries in bulk! What a delight! This time around was awesome because I got to see Sister Grange, whom served in Hays as a greenie oh about 18 months ago! She was on her way home this time around, so I got one last picture with her! I also got to meet Sister Schiess which was Sister Grange's companion in Derby. Among many of the missionaries was Elder Caviness, Mendoza, Reta, Vivas, Dodds, Sister Lott, Segi, and a few others! So, the transfer bus was running roughly an hour or so behind so there was a lot of down time where soccer, volleyball and chatting took place. And a few pictures!

The after affects

of riding 2 hours in a car crammed in a car with 5 people is usually enough. Then add one large suitcase behind the passenger which in turns makes the passenger kiss the dash, then also makes the person sitting behind it sit almost indian style. Well then add no stops to stretch due to time contraints, and well the result is as follows! The girls like "fell" out of my car, it was quite funny to see them try to get out and walk normally.

2 hours...

On the road, waiting to get transferred does some amazingly weird things to people. Here is the proof! I don't think it requires any more explanation.

How much stuff can you fit...

in your trunk?

This is a very valid question to ask especially when it comes to transfers. The tranfers I speak of are the ever so wonderful missionary transfers. They are only wonderful when and if you don't like the missionary getting transfered, which this time I was very upset as you all know. But what is awesome was I woke up very happy on thursday, and I realized that my drama about having Sister Madsen leave was not that bad. I was actually very and may I say VERY blessed to of even met her. She was not even supposed to come to Great Bend and for her to be here for 6 months was awesome! Anywho, on top of Sister Madsen moving, so was Sister Gundersen whom was serving in Hays, America! So, on Wednesday Sister Madsen gave me this puppy look and was like the Hays sisters can't find a ride so can you take them too.

Two missionaries worth of stuff does NOT fit in a Mazda 6 trunk to just make it a shorter story. Here is the picture evidence of it!