Saturday, May 1, 2010

New in Life

So, I haven't updated in FOREVER but what else is new?

I have been very busy, of course you all know my schedule, it hasn't changed much except I am adding Massage Clinic officially on May 8th, which in essence means every Saturday from May 8th till October 9th I think it is, I will report to my school at 430 to sign in and I will officially start my 5.5 hour shift. You may wonder what I will be doing in that 5 hours, so here you go

430 Arrive at clinic and sign in
440 or so start massaging
Every 50 minutes do another massage on some random stranger that paid....
1030 at night sign out and go home....

Yes, ladies and gentlemen my quota every Saturday is to do 5 full body massages in 5.5 hours, that means I am going to get good at Swedish style Massage and also learn some wicked time management skills!

Other then that, I was kicked out of my current residence and had to find an apartment. I was blessed to have my best friend who was there to support me and was kind enough to get a place with me. I think I will be able to afford this (lets hope so I don't end up on the street somewhere) but we have our first real apartment. Yes a REAL apartment, not a student housing one that comes furnished. So we have couches and a chair and that is about it....

I sleep on the couch and she sleeps on a futon mattress and has yet to buy the futon part of it. I will someday if I can ever afford it purchase a bed and dresser, but until then the couch is my place of residence!

So to entertain our selves in the apartment after work and mainly on the weekends we do stupid stuff like this: