Sunday, January 25, 2009

Independence/Liberty, Missouri

I just realized that I never posted the pictures I took while in Missouri a few weeks ago. I traveled up to KC, Mo and surrounding areas in one day and the whole purpose was to go see Sister Lisa Madsen at Liberty Jail and to get a tour from her before she went home. While I was up there I also went to go to Independence and went to the Visitor's Center in hopes of catching a few of the Sister's that I have met through-out their missions there. I got a tour from Sister Ayala and she did so well, she told me I was one of her solo tours. She taught me a lot and funny that I drove 4.5 hours one way to learn about Faith and how important it really is in day to day living. While I was talking with Sister Ayala, Sister Tedrow (A senior Sister) thought she recognized me, and which she did, I was up there a year ago with my parents and she remembered me! But I had looked outside and saw another set of missioanries walking in and one looked familiar, and I was like that looks like Sister Higbee and sure enough it was! She came to the VC to bring 2 of their investigators there. It was AWESOME to see her! It was time to leave and I was disappointed that I did not get to see Sister Brooks or Sister Abad, so I left and made sure Sister Ayala told them I said hello and that I loved them, and so I was on my way out to my car and I see a set of Sisters get out of their car and it looked a lot like Sister Brooks/Abad; sure enough it was! I got to talk to them for a few minutes and took a picture with each of them. I think my trip to Independence was a success, I got to see all my friends and I also felt the Spirit and learned a little while I was there!

Sister Abad and I! She is from the Phillipines!

Sister Brooks! She is from Utah! I love her to death!

My tour guide! Sister Ayala!

Okay so now on to Liberty, Missouri to hit up the jail! I have been there several times before, and I must say I love that place and the Spirit it holds! I was able to go to Liberty Jail before I was an official member of the church and I learned so much about Joseph Smith and all he went through while he was restoring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He suffered so we can have this Gospel in our lives and he in the end gave his life so we as members today can enjoy the fruits of the Spirit and so forth. I love the Jail and I was so thrilled to see Sister Madsen again! It was rather funny, I walked in at 3 P.M. when she got on shift and of course she was downstairs, but the first shift of sisters were still around, so when I walked in a Sister hops up from her chair and said "She is here for Sister Madsen, and everyone meet Jessica, she is the most awesome team-up in Great Bend!" I was so shocked I had no clue really who she was, I mean I had seen pictures and knew her name (Sister Williams) but I had never met her in person and for her to know who I was and what I was doing there kind of freaked me out. But she said she had seen tons of photos of me and heard stories of all the crazy times Sister Madsen and I had had! So they called Hna Madsen and it was AWESOME to see her one last time before she went home.

She gave a power house tour and the Spirit I felt was so amazing. Talk about feelings of joy that overcame me. I left there with again a greater appreciation for the Gospel in my life and an appreciation of Joseph and all he went through for us Latter-day Saints! I love this Gospel and I love all it has done for me in the past 5 years. I am so Thankful for a member missionary who was firm in her testimony and was brave enough to share with me her testimony of the church. I owe a lot to Helen and I am just so thankful for each missionary that has helped me learn and grow while I have been a member, for the love they show to me and all the wonderful things they have done for me!

Sister Madsen and I in the routunda!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Redeemer of Israel

We are just in a singing mood! This features 4 Sister Missionaries and myself! Sister LaBass, Sister Wells (sings the solo in verse 4 or 5) Sister Reynolds, and Sister Martin! I hope you all enjoy these videos, they are a bit of our sanity while Sister Wells gets herself better!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dearest Children/Be Still my Soul

Another rendition of a couple of hymns, except this is sung solely by Sister Grace LaBass (Newberry Park, California) and Sister Rachel Wells (Hanksville, Utah) and it is not to beat-boxing. I made the choice to record things in their apartment that are central to missionary work and what really encompasses the song. I hope you all enjoy and can really relate to the Savior and his request to us in these hymns!

A Child's Prayer

A little rendition of a Child's Prayer. You heard the intro so I think you will understand the reason why! I hope you all enjoyed!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Scriptures...oh how I love them

I love them. There is no doubt about that. I have not always used them in my life, but since I joined the LDS church I have come to love the scriptures and to truly delve into them. Lately, I have been struggling, and even last night I had the chance to talk to a RM from the MIM and she and I challenged each other to get blessings on Sunday for comfort and maybe for some direction in our respected decisions we both are facing. So I poured my heart and soul out to Heavenly Father last night in prayer and then again this morning while sitting in my car before work right before I would read my morning scriptures. It was after my prayer was over that I opened my Book of Mormon/ D & C and just let it fall open, and low and behold it fell to D & C 75. Some of you may know it and others may not, so I will post the introduction to the section and then I will tell you why I loved it so much.

1–5, Faithful elders who preach the gospel will gain eternal life; 6–12, Pray to receive the Comforter, which teaches all things; 13–22, Elders shall sit in judgment on those who reject their message; 23–36, Families of missionaries are to receive help from the Church.

Now I know it says faithful "Elders" but this is my thought process. I have been struggling on wether a mission is truly what Heavenly Father wants of me or if he wants me to focus on a guy I like and follow that. After I said my prayer last night/this morning and randomly opened up to this scripture I KNEW with all my HEART that my time is now to serve! I can't wait to get my papers started and to get out there and faithfully serve for 18 months. Now all I have to do is get the money to pay all my bills but faith preceeds all miracles right?