Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clementine or Elephant?

Alright so my friend Liz had her birthday back in March, and at her party that was hosted at Dedra's she was telling us about her mission that she served in London. While she was their one of her companions had this thing that every night she would take a clementine or some sort of smaller orange and would peel it to look like an elephant. If any of you really know me from growing up, then you know that I LOVE Elephants! I have collected them since I was little, so needless to say I was like a kid in a candy store watching her do this!

Thanks Liz for sharing that talent with us!

Night Out

This also happened in February! But I thought I would take some time to blog about it, I went out to the Lounge again with my buddies from work. My friend Dena came down from Dodge City and we had a good time!

Dedra, Robyn, and Dena again! rocking out!

Dedra, Robyn, Dena, and myself!

Lynee and Julie! I was glad to see them out, their awesome husbands stayed home with their kiddos!


My little buddy Bryce is a wrestler, and I love that kid so I started going to a few of his tournaments out of town on Saturdays back in February. I am not sure if I was his good luck charm or what, but every tournament I went too he got 1st place, and the tournaments I didn't attend he would get 3rd or worse. He is only 7 and he is in the heavy-weight division weighing just under 135. He is awesome and I love him to death. Here are just a few pictures of the events! Sorry so late!

This is Bryce and I waiting for one of his matches to roll around. We had some fun with the camera!

Then we got Alejo and Bryce and I...

Here are the two boys, I love them to death! Never a dull moment!

Alejo always got sucked into being Bryce's practice buddy, poor Alejo.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken. Alex is here coaching his youngest son. It shows the last name and just shows the dedication of the family to wrestling. Love it!

It is blurry, but Bryce getting ready to wrestle a kid! I do believe he won this one too!

Bryce kicking some major butt! He had this kid scramblign the whole time. Oh and this is a kid he had never beat before, but guess what...he did this day!

This was Bryce's champion bracket he won at McPherson! He had to beat a kid he had never been able to beat before, it was awesome to watch!

Proud Papa here! Alex with his son, whom just won 1st place at McPherson!

This is Bryce at his Pratt tournament, and yet again he won first place! Go Bryce!

Bryce and his Papa Alex after he won the tournament in his weight division on Pratt!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


If you have a weak stomach you should probably stop reading and not go any further, especially do not look at the picture that I have posted..

Okay so now the story....I was asked to be on my employers softball team this summer. Last night was my first practice, and well from day one my parental units were like "you are going to get hurt, I don't think this is a good idea" I told them I would be just fine and not to worry. Well I went to practice and half the team showed up and I am the "pitcher" for the summer supposedly and so well after doing some batting they put me at the pitcher mound to get my groove going...and well about 45 mins into the practice a ground ball was about 20 feet from me and well I went running after it. I bent over to scoop it up and well I guess I am top heavy or something but I ended up tucking and rolling and well my end result is below....enjoy!

Oh and this really freaking hurts, I had to dig the gravel out of my leg..oh and I also bummed up my elbow but it is totally okay, just a few minor scrapes..but my leg is swollen and it burns like hello and so I am glad I have like dress like slacks for hurts just to have anything contact I hope you enjoyed the little co-workers loved it...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zone Conference again...

Okay so this happened like the first week of March, and I only took like 3 pictures...just didn't have time or didn't take the time to take more pictures. Had I known it would be my last Zone Conference then I would of done so. I now work 8-5 again and so I won't be able to attend any more meetings or transfers with the missionaries. But so goes life I guess...

This is Sister Unsicker and myself...we were wearing like the same outfit well atleast the same color! So we took a "gansta" picture due to our collars being popped!

So this is Sister Fife and Sister Lott, they are currently in Hutchinson and I love them both a lot!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Large Ear Lobes?

I was at work one evening when my co-worker Angie was like "Whoa Jess, you have a rather large ear lobe compared to the rest of the ear!" Needless to say I was like "No I don't" and so to prove it we measured our ears compared to our lobe ratio, so 3 of us measured away and I sure do have rather large earlobes compared to the rest of them. So my friend thought it would be awesome to draw on them, so I took a picture when I got home from work, after going to Wal-Mart like this!

Oklahoma City Temple

I am playing catch up again on the blog, last weekend I was out of town and so I didn't have time to do any updating to anything....On March 21 or so I went with the Great Bend Ward to Oklahoma City to visit the Temple. I was one of the "youth" and participated in the baptisms! I have a blast doing that, I could seriously do that everyday for the rest of my life! I went down with the Hudson's and we had a good time, it was a very long day but so worth it!

It was a cloudy day, kind of gloomy at times, but by the time we were done with the baptismal session the sun was shinning!

This is the Angel Moroni! He always faces East on the Temples due to the Second Coming going to be in the East. He is blowing the trumpet for all to hear!

As you can see in this picture, that is all of the youth that went with us. The Enfield children Jessica and Logan, then Curtis children Justin and Deiah.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Louisiana/Texas here I come...

I am going to Texas/Louisiana this weekend to see my oldest brother Jason get baptized into the BEST church on EARTH! I am so stoked and can't wait to start the trip tomorrow. Friday we are driving to Dallas to stay with my sister Laura and see her for a little while then Saturday morning we shall wake and head to Shreveport for General Conference and the Baptism! Then we will hang out with Jason and his family and do stuff..not sure what....

Here is the picture of the trip, from Great Bend to Dallas then to Shreveport, it is an 11 hour drive and I can't wait to make it! Road Trips are my favorite!