Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oklahoma City or bust!

I love it! I don't think there are any words I could write that would help any of you understand the wonderfulness of it, unless of course you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter - day Saints. Being worthy enough to enter the Temple alone is an amazing task, some might think it is easy, but in my 4 years of being a member of the church, this is the first time that I actually feel "worthy" to have entered and to hold a recommend.

Now, I hope I didn't confuse you all with some of the lingo I used (that was never my intention). I wanted to convey to you how the day unfolded Saturday. I was blessed enough to be able to stay with the Carlton's over in Larned and even more blessed to have the oppurutnity to have Kjersti and Brian ride with me down in my car. So, we went to bed around 11:30 P.M. give or take, and well pretty sure my alarm went off and a very early time of 04:30 A.M.. So as you can tell I had very little sleep and was up and ready to drive the almost 5 hours to reach the Oklahoma City Temple. Totally worth the trip, but I must say it was hard because as much fun I knew we would have I knew or had a gut feeling that the riders would sleep. And sure enough Brian was sleeping from the get go and Kjersti was awake an hour or two okay so maybe 3. But she was snoozing off and on the whole time. So it was me, myself, and I with some Mormon Tabernacle Choir to keep me awake! Oh and the Spirit, pretty sure if I wasn't able to have the Spirit as my constant companion then I would be dead for sure. Anyways, we arrived at Hutchinson and met up with the Draper family at McDonalds for some hearty breakfast! Had a grand time, we all were walking zombies, but again very worth it. We are an hour further down the road and what do we see? Well, glad you aksed! It was not only one rainbow, it was a double rainbow. So the song "When I am baptised" instantly pops into my head, and I knew that we were on the Lord's errand to do his work in his holy house that day!

So fast forward to Oklahoma City, we are following are amazing (NOT) Mapquest directions and are driving through the subdivision to reach the Temple. And we had been listening to Spiritual uplifting music the whole ride, well at least me and Kjersi had been, and we get two blocks away from the Temple, it was in our sights and all the sudden Brian pops up from sleeping singing "I got a pocket a pocket full of sunshine" So me and Kjersti were like BRIAN knock it off we are being spiritual here. We finally reach the parking lot and it was filled with members wandering around, well we look at our clock and we were an hour early for our session with the youth for Baptisms. So the kids change in the parking lot to their church clothes and we went up the door and the Temple attendant said we have a session going now if you would like to join. So Kjersti, Brian and I got to do 2 sessions of Baptisms for the dead. It was amazing, but the downfall was that we didn't take enough under garments for two sessions so me and Kjersti were in the bathroom and using the blowdryers to dry undergarments off. The whole time the other group of youth were preparing to leave which they were from Pittsburgh, KS which was awesome. Needless to say they had a good laugh from me and Kjersti!

Well, the time had come for our originally planned session to start, the other Great Bend youth showed up. And we got ready and got out to watch everything. And the Temple President came in and gave us a little opening prayer and a little speech. And this is where I LOVE it. I have been questioning what Heavenly Father wants me to do in life, wether it be serve a mission, go to school, or pursue a relationship with a guy. I had struggled a lot with that, and wasn't getting the answer that I wanted or even to that didn't think I got an answer at all. So he was talking about our lineage (Ephraim) and how we are "leaders" and how we are in a special dispensation of time to where we are to use our leadership skills that we were born with. Also, he spoke about our lineage of amazing missionaries and how we need to spread the Gospel to every nation, kindred, and tongue. I had goosebumps immedietly. I know now with out a shadow of a doubt that I am called to serve, my heart, might, mind, and strength will go into preparing for a full time mission for my church. I won't settle for anything less then that. I am so stinking excited.

That there is why I love the temple so much, it is the house of the Lord and you can receive answers to your prayers very easily. That is why it is so important to be worthy enough to enter, the more worthy you are the more intune you are with the Spirit which allows for guidance like that to take place.

I love the Lord, I love his Holy House. I know this church is true, I know it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I love this church, and I love the blessings it has poured down upon me and my family.

Disclaimer * if any one has any questions about what was said, please ask. I am more then willing to share the knowledge I have of the truthfullness that is on the earth again.*

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hey Ya'll,

So I just sounded totally hick but so goes life. I just wanted to write a little something something real quick before I go to bed for the night.

I am so stinking stoked, I am going with the Great Bend Ward down to Oklahoma City to the Temple. I know I am going to have an amazing time, not only is it the Temple, but it is with the youth a few other adults. I love the temple so much, I don't get to go with the audlts but that is fine with me, I am not ready for that step yet. I am much happier doing the baptisms with the youth.

Well, I am so excited and that is about all I can think of right now. So you better believe that I will post pictures from the trip and more feelings on the whole thing!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I love Sister Missionaries!

So, no big surprise. I love helping the Sister Missionaries. I have about 500 pictures to prove that they are all I hang out with. With that said I thought I would post a few pictures, mostly current ones from say around April till now and a few awesome videos. I guess my favorite would be the video of them singing at a District Meeting. I believe it was my birthday and they sang a song, and it was my last district meeting since I started my new job. So I will post it so you all can enjoy and see the amazing talents of them.

Sister Labass, Sister Hyrns, Sister Gundersen, and Sister Madsen!

Now these are the pictures we took before the meeting waiting on the silly Elders to show up so we could get inside the building. Seriously has to go down as the best birthday in history!