Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm moving to...


I couldn't be more excited/scarred to death all in one. I decided it was time for a change in life, it came at a very weird time for me, but when things are supposed to happen then they fall into place. I might not be directly in Provo, but will be in the vicinity for sure. I am excited due to the fact that I will no longer be the only YSA in my ward my age and I will have the opporutunity to go to school again and follow my dreams. I am moving Monday and will be stopping in Colorado Springs to see my best bud Helen and her hubby Sam for a few days then onward to my new life!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


My brother Jason is quite the cook, he gets it from his Dad! I have NEVER had gumbo, and so my brother made us some homemade good stuff! I took pictures of the process, well sort of. It was awesome and had some kick to it, and the sad thing was he didn't even do his usual spiciness to it. I am a wuss according to him. I love him though!

While he cooked the boys played games on a very large t.v and had a blast messing with them while they tried to "concentrate"

You call that a Lake?

My brother took us driving around Louisiana on Sunday and so he drove by the "lake" by his house. Well me being from Kansas was used to a wide open area full of water, with no trees in it just people and boats and fish/turtles/snakes and whatever else grows in a lake. Louisiana however is mostly swamps, but this "lake" or so he called it had huge Cyprus trees growing in it. He told me that many people take boats out but ruin propellers like crazy hitting stumps they can't see underwater. I was amazed!

All in a days work

Sunday Morning! Usually I am up and getting ready for church, but since my brother Jason lives out in the boonies for real, totally backwoods Louisiana if I have ever seen. It takes like a good 45 mins. to an hour just to get to church. With it being General Conference it was a bit of a different set up and instead of making a long day of travel and such we decided to watch it on T.V. instead of getting all spiffed up and driving for a satellite broadcast.

My brother Jason was real in-tune with what he was hearing, so much he was "meditating" over the words of President Uchtdorf!

Girls just want to have fun!

After the second session of General Conference the Sister missionaries, Theresa and the kids, Mom and myself went over to another member of the wards home and did girly stuff. I was more into the backwoods of Louisiana so I went for a walk in her neighborhood and she went with me so I wouldn't get lost. We had a great time talking and getting to know each other and so forth. Louisiana is gorgeous but was sticky. The other girls did pedicures/manicures/facials, ate ice cream and just had a great time socializing!

Katlynn doing Sister Weichmann's nails.

Heaton and Weichmann playing cards!

Sister Heaton and Sister Weichmann did some crazy masks that like made their skin uber hard...they had a good time with it!

Baptism Time!

We arrived in Louisiana on Saturday late morning to finish watching the first session of General Conference. After the session was over came the change of clothes into the spiffy whites! I absolutely loved being their and seeing the family glow and get ready for their big step. We took tons of photos and had a great time, then started the service. The Spirit was so strong there and it gave me chills the whole time! I was privileged to be able to give the opening prayer, and to be honest I almost most cried and I got chocked up just being there. I will stop rambling and will post the pictures I hope everyone understands how much this did mean to me and how much I love this Gospel!

This is Jason and his family. L to R: Theresa, Alyssa, Katlynn, Jesse, Jared and Jason! (Katlynn decided to wait to get baptized till she felt it was right, which I admire for her doing that)

Okay so add in the two that did the dunking Jared and Zander Hutchinson (he was an Elder that started to teach my family down in Louisiana where he served his mission) then add in the current Sisters serving there, Sister Weichmann from Colorado and Sister Heaton from Utah!

To the right we have me and the ones getting baptized, I serioulsy thought this was the BEST day EVER! I love the way the Lord works!