Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas time...

Generally very happy thoughts come to mind when the word Christmas is mentioned. Well, this year tends to ring a bit different to me as for 1. this is the year that all my siblings make the journey home to spend it with my parents and well family in general. I have a new niece and brother in law that I have never met so this year was the year of all years in my mind, however since I am a big kid with real responsibilities I could not afford the flight from SLC to Dallas. So I finally made that okay in my mind and was at peace knowing I will see everyone in April for my sisters church wedding!

I finally made other plans to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the Gundersen's who have taken me in for Thanksgiving the past 2 years. Just as I am dead set to go and have a heck of a good time I start feeling sick. So I finally go the doctor fearing I have pneumonia, well I go and the verdict is well Influenza. What does that mean? That means that until my 102 degree fever breaks I am considered contagious, oh and for 6 days after. So they gave me a perscription and blue mask to wear in case I need to leave my house. I can't work the rest of the week and well, just have to spend it alone really.
My awesome blue mask that says "I have the plague" that I must wear around others for 6 days AFTER my fever breaks

Man oh man do I love Christmas this time of year, not. I guess its time for me to remember the real reason for Christmas and forget about what we have made it in our heads. I need to remember that Christ is the center of this "holiday" and without him living his perfect life I would not even have a life to live. Without his Atonement I would be nothing. So from now on I am choosing to remember him and forget about my "problems" and I will try my very hardest to put Christ in Christmas and have a great one no matter how bad I may be feeling!

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