Friday, June 24, 2011

New Roommates

I moved again. Well, this happened in February but what else is new when I don't post on my blog? I had to emergency move (long story that only few will ever know) and I was taken in by 3 amazing gals and I live like a rockstar now!

These girls saved my life and have blessed me more then any of them will EVER know.
Here is just a brief list of things we do together:
Sporting events
Plays (well it was a dance thingy but it was awesome)

And well lets face it, we are all pretty inseparable. The sad news is one is getting married in August, well its happy news but then it will just be 3 of us instead of the 4+1 boyfriend.

Maria, Ali (getting married), and Bethany

Maria, Bethany, and myself at New Years Eve (before I moved in)

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