Monday, October 18, 2010

Graduation - October 15, 2010

Well folks I finally did it. 12 months of hard work and dedication and I was finally able to walk across the stage with my fellow classmates and receive that beloved piece of paper that says I am officially done!

My Mother and Father made the 14 hour drive (one direction) to see me graduate. I love you very much. Thank you for always supporting me and being loving parents!

Char K. and myself!
This is my instructor Char K., I owe her a lot as she was the one who may not have always wanted to smile at me as I was a pain and well not professional in most her classes. But she took her own personal time to pull me a side and talk to me and show me how much I can affect others with my behavior and how much I could lead the class through a tough situation. So from that day on, Char and I had a special bond and she kept me going strong for 12 months.

 Nicolle and I.
 Nicolle, I just want to say how awesome you are. I know you probably don't read my blog. But I must say how much you changed my life and my opinion of people. I no longer look at a body and judge it for its size, shape or color, but I see it as a true body worker must. I see their structure and I look to see how it is I can help them. You do amazing work and have one of the most amazing personalities I have ever come across in my 25 years of life. Again, you are amazing and thanks for putting up with me for 12 months, oh and thanks for getting me off caffeine!
Jeannette (my TA) and I. She was fabulous and taught me bunches.

my classmate Kim and myself. I will miss you kid. Good luck out there!

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