Monday, October 18, 2010

UCMT - 12 months of my life!

Well for the past 12 months I have spent 3.5 hours a night for 4 nights a week at this place, then I started spending 5.5 hours there on Saturdays for clinic. It is very dear to my heart and it has given me everything in life that I need to be successful and professional and what not.

I owe the students and staff for all they have shown me and the very valuable knowledge I was able to obtain at my time there. I am going to miss this place and the people oh so much. I already do and have only been gone a week.

Working on a runner at a half marathon (volunteer work)

Again, working on a runner, amazing experience

some of the walkers for the 5K, July 2010

Kiley, Annabelle and Kelly after the 5k run/walk, July 2010

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