Monday, October 18, 2010

Last day of class...

So, it was our last day of class and we all were bbq'ing and just having a good time together. I will miss my classmates more then anyone will ever realize. They helped shape me into who I am today and helped to keep me going strong.

Clairise, Ashely, Chelsi, and Jade

Clairise, Tavez, and Nicole just chilling after a final

Mary vacuuming after our Hydro Salt Scrub final

Trying to get the grill started

Kelly holding Char back, shes a feisty one

Clairise and myself

Clairise, Annabelle and myself!

Nicolle (my teacher) and of course me!

Just a few of us girls from the class with 3 teachers!

Ashley and I

Lacey, Janae, and Ashley

Jesus and Daniel, they cracked me up!

Keisha (clinic director) and Steve (TA) (they are husband and wife and amazing)

Char (teacher) and her favorite Bieber! (they call me Justin Bieber b/c my hair)

Devon and I in class...

The Barrington's playing us one of their songs

Char and her AWESOME hand writing!

C-0137 for life. I will miss you all very very much. thanks for all of your support and love the past 12 months.

Eliane, Tavez, and Nicole doing the pose!

Chelsie and I.

yep, that's my whole fist in my mouth.

more of the Tavez pose!

Ashley and Annabelle, she was angry?
 So, this next picture is of me giving my final "presentation" in Professional Development. It was worth 100 points and was half of our grade. We had 4 questions we had to answer.

1. What are my plans directly after graduation: Spend the weekend with my parents. Since I had at this point taken my licensing exam, I knew all I had to do was get the $100 saved up and go up and apply for my license. I also am setting up my own business to do out call massage around Orem area to friends I have met and well of course clients that hear about me by word of mouth. 

2. What are your plans in 1 year: To be on a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have been planning on this for a while and it never worked out, but now it is in the books and I am hoping to achieve it by this coming summer!

3. 5 year plan: To be home from my mission, hopefully married with maybe one kid. I for sure want to be back in school at BYU (Brigham Young University, in Provo Utah) to finish my bachelors degree in Athletic Training (new major I picked). All of this while of course running my own private practice called Peaceful Elements Massage. Then after my bachelors, I am going to apply to PA (Physicians Assistant) school and go from there. 

4. What is the most valuable thing I have learned from UCMT: I have learned who I am as a person and how to accept myself on all levels especially a physical level. I was not comfortable with people and had a huge personal bubble, that protected me from "harm" and heartbreak as I would keep people away from the "me" that only few got to see. But throughout the time, I learned to let go and let people in as I knew they wouldn't hurt me and if they did I could learn and grow from it. I now can hug people and be myself no matter who I am with! Also, I was taught how to be a professional when the time called for it, to speak Massage in an elegant way. I too was able to learn how smart I really am and was able to receive a 4.0 GPA for the first time in my life, and I kept it even in times of high stress. I learned how to truly succeed in life!
giving my final presentation:

right before our final exercise, which I might add was a complete water fest, as we all cried and laughed and got to hug each other before it was all said and done.

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