Saturday, December 25, 2010

Get Well Soon...

Anyone that has ever heard me go on and on about how much I dislike relationships and all the jazz that comes with them probably knows how much I dislike receiving flowers. Now the funny part is this, I always have that deep hope and desire that some Valentines day some guy will send me flowers to my house or even cooler my job, well I haven't found that guy yet and of course I still act like I HATE flowers.

Well, as you all know from my last post, I have influenza over Christmas and I am also not able to be in Dallas with my beautiful family sharing in the Christmas joy. So I have been rather bah humbug the past week and well the flu just topped it all off with disdain for everything. Let me just tell you how much my family rocks! Most of my friends here in Utah have steered clear of me since I am contagious still and well I don't blame them as it is Christmas and they all have little nephews and such to be around, well I am minding my own business yesterday watching a movie and someone rang the doorbell. This came as a complete shock because not many people know where I actually live, so I got up and covered my mouth with the awesome blue mask (as seen in the previous post) and answered the door to find no one there but a box of flowers.

Here they are, the wonderful Christmas Tulips sent by this awesome family:

Its amazing how something like this can bring the biggest smile to someones face. I lit up like a star at night when I saw the box and even more when I read the card that was sent with it. I can now say my little hate for flowers seems to be over. I just love how they look on my counter and to know that they were sent out of Love from my family to help me get through this Christmas just makes me feel so good inside! From now on I will not bash flowers or the idea of receiving them because now I know what it feels like to receive them in pure surprise! Again, I want to say I love my family and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father blessed me with them. Merry Christmas everyone!


Lindsay said...

awww, your family is awesome! also, you and your sister look a lot alike :)

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Jessie Mae said...

Thanks Linds! People keep telling me that and I am certain we don't, but I guess we do have the same genetic makeup so it is bound to happen I guess!